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Product image 1Left fingerless glove, shown with a hand inside the glove. Colors: Sailor Blue / Warm Sand
Product image 2Left fingerless glove shown with the middle finger up. Colors: Sailor Blue / Warm Sand
Product image 3Right and Left fingerless glove. Colors: Sailor Blue / Warm Sand
Product image 4Right and Left fingerless glove stacked on top of one another. Colors: Sailor Blue / Warm Sand

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Fingerless Gloves 

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  • Machine Washable
  • Durable Stretch for Ideal Fit & Added Comfort
  • Super Soft Feel for Maximum Comfort
  • Thermal Knit Provides Winter Warmth
  • 100% Acrylic yarn, Eco-Friendly & Water Soluble

    Product Details

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    Package Included:

    1 Pair of Fingerless Gloves


    Material:  Acrylic

    Style:  Fingerless Gloves

    Size: 7.5 inches

    Weight: <1oz = one pair


    Water Soluble

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    Glove Care Instructions

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    3 stacked gloves showing the official Flip'em the Bird tag on the gloves. Colors from bottom to top: Grey, Pink & Blue

    Like most things, the more tender love you give, the longer it lasts. Here are our recommendations for loving your Flip'em gloves  (in order of long-lastingness): 


    1. Use regular detergent and machine wash on warm or cold.
    2. Dry in a machine, lay flat or hang to dry
    1. Select a gentle detergent – likely something organic or homemade.
    2. Mix detergent into cool water, (water preferably from a brook or stream.) 
    3. Dip glove(s) in water and gently rub
    4. Rinse
    5. Lay flat or hang until returned to their natural state (i.e dry)
    6. Drain water. Repeat, DRAIN WATER. Although the detergent may be organic and recycling is extremely important, it is not recommended to drink or re-use the water after washing.



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        A set of hands laying on a book. The glove colors are pink with a blue bird.

        Shipping & Delivery 

        Shipping is currently only offered in the United States via USPS. Products are shipped within 2 business days of the order. Shipping and handling costs are based on the weight of the shipment and charged to the buyer. 

        Contact hello@flipemthebird.com regarding the cost for international shipping.


        Returning a product? 

        In the unlikely event, you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund, minus the shipping costs.  It is very rare that people are not fully satisfied, but we do make mistakes, contact at hello@flipemthebird.com

        Tracking your order

        A tracking number will be emailed to you at time of shipping.

        100% Secure Orders

        Using Shopify checkout and payment processing. 

        What materials do you use? 

        The gloves we offer we use an eco-friendly, acrylic yarn on our products. Why acrylic? For a few reasons, it's affordable, durable and more importantly washable. Part of our mission statement as a company is to provide affordable products that are wearable, functional and easy to care for. 

        What sizes do you make? 

        We make a one-size fits most. We hope to one day offer multiple sizes, but right now the gloves have a stretch 

        How do you care for your gloves? 

        We have a wonderful care guide, click here or see our easy care instructions below: 


        1. Use regular detergent and machine wash on warm or cold.
        2. Dry in a machine, lay flat or hang to dry

        Who does your photography? 

        We use Mary Wangen Photography, located in Minneapolis, MN. See the link below if you are in her area and would like to make an appointment. 


        Do you sell your gloves wholesale? 

        Reach out if you have specific questions. hello@flipemthebird.com


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