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Flip 'em the Bird is a clothing company bringing cleverness, wit, and a dash of curse words to your style. 


To be a trusted clothing company that will create amusing products that make people feel, confident,  empowered, and a little rebellious. 


 How Flip'em the Bird started

Owner, Susie Moschkau wearing, Thank you, Next Navy fingerless gloves

Picture it. It's 2017, I am 39 years old and recently laid off. Bingeing Game of Thrones like nobody's business. Thinking to myself what the fuck happened. Rule follower Susie did what they told me! I got a job, got married, had kids and bought a fierce picket fence. Yet here I am, still trying to figure it all out with a shitload of mouths to feed. Ripe for a mid-life crisis and fresh out of Thrones, I watched Jim Carrey's commencement speech at Maharishi University of Management. Who knew the guy that gave me the most significant punch line for talking out of my ass would also inspire me to say something and create Flip'em the Bird. With the help of one of my closest friends Natalie Buckman (YogaBird, LLC) we brainstormed, prototyped, and purchased a set of products that have something to say. A good set of fingerless gloves that gave us the opportunity to swear at work felt like the perfect fit for phase one. Click here to shop gloves! 

Together, let's kick it up a notch. 

- Susie


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