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Trademark/ Design Patents


Serial Number: 87-938,181

Register Number. 5,654,796

May 2018


Materials sent to the Copyright office, pending approval (1/2019)

Flip’em the Bird, INC is the only person(s) who can use trademarks in strict accordance with this policy and the graphics requirements on the Brand website.

No Flip’em the Bird trademark may be altered or combined with any other mark or element.
Pending Approval from Flip'em the Bird, INC, a unit may use its name with the wordmark only as outlined on the brand site.
The wordmark is a requirement on all official internal and external communications, excluding individual email messages.
Flip’em the Bird colors and branded elements must appear prominently on all official communication and marketing materials.
The use of taglines, icons or graphics as logos or in logos for Flip’em the Bird units is prohibited unless authorized by Flip’em the Bird, INC owners.

Use of Flip’em the Bird, INC trademarks or designs (including but not limited to the fingerless designs) in print and electronic materials including email and social media must conform to brand requirements. Please reach out to for brand requirements.

Flip’em the Bird, INC trademarks or designs may be used on commercial merchandise only by persons and entities licensed by the Flip’em the Bird, INC exclusive licensing agent. Contact: for inquiries.

Prohibited Uses of Flip'em the Bird Trademarks and Designs
No Endorsements.
Neither the name of the Flip’em the Bird nor any Flip’em the Bird trademarks or designs, including colors, may be used in any way that states or implies endorsement of a commercial product or service, gives a false impression, is misleading, or could cause confusion regarding Flip’em the Bird, INC relationship with any person or entity. Statements that the Flip’em the Bird, INC is a user or purchaser of a product or program are permitted if true.

General Prohibition
Neither the name the Flip’em, the Bird nor any Flip’em the Bird, INC trademark or design can be used in any manner that could adversely affect the Flip’em the Bird’s image or standing or would for any other reason be inappropriate for a public research Flip’em the Bird, INC. Such proscribed uses include, but are not limited to, the use of Flip’em the Bird, INC trademarks in connection with alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or other tobacco products, sexually oriented products or services, religious products, political parties or organizations, gaming or games of chance, and firearms.

If a violation of this policy has is identified, units will be required to work with the Flip’em the Bird, INC to determine the action needed, which may include a redesign of all materials. Concerning all violations of this policy, the Flip’em the Bird, INC reserves its right to seek appropriate remedies under applicable federal or state law.

People/Corporations may submit a request for a special exception to for consideration.

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