Swearing is Caring


Swearing is Caring 

Champlin, Minnesota – January 2019 


So our gloves are not for everyone. Some people even take offense. Even been asked, "How could a mother of 3 sell these kinds of products?" Well, easy. One day this will pay for my Chipotle habit. That shizz ain't gonna pay for itself....

Clearly, at Flip ‘em the Bird we are pro-swearing and here are our minimally researched reasons why:

1) Swearing helps to withstand pain
--> "Shit, I just stepped on a muthaf*ckin lego."

2) Swearing relieves tension
--> "Those muthaf*ckin soccer shoes are gonna cost your GD college tuition."

3) Swearing with friends builds trust
--> "I don't know WTF that ref was thinking, but I am not gonna say a damn thing, she works at chipotle, ya know. Great Call Ref!"

4) Swearing is an emotional release
--> "Honk, Honk @$#%@^&^^@$$$ HOOOONNNNNKKKKK."

In the next phase of Flip'em the Bird we want to build on these benefits of swearing. So we will be giving back by giving to those who need a stronger voice via a campaign called "Swearing is Caring." We are dedicating time and money to organizations leading the conversation to protect the environment, influencing protection laws and cleaning shit up.  As Flip'em the Bird grows, we will continue to speak up for our planet, since it can’t speak for itself.  

Keep them birds high,

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