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Swearing is Caring


Swearing is Caring 

Champlin, Minnesota – January 2019 


So…we know that our products aren’t for everyone - some people would even call them           offensive! Here’s our perspective on swearing and offensiveness.

We at Flip ‘em the Bird support swearing and here’s our top 5 reasons why:

+1: Swearing helps to withstand pain

+2: Swearing relieves tension

+3: Swearing with friends builds trust

+4: Swearing is emotional

+5: Monkeys do it too

Swearing can be empowering, it helps people let out their true emotions, it’s a communication tool for emphasis, and sometimes it can be fun + silly! In fact, there are PLENTY of other things that we find much more offensive than a swear word or an adorable bird on a glove. Here’s our top 5:

-1: Earth is treated like a garbage dump and somehow people don’t believe in science

-2: Equal pay and fairness in the workplace is still not “a thing”

-3: Greed + wealth are running the world instead of love + community

-4: Judgement, a lack of understanding + stigmatization of mental health issues

-5: Children are literally the future but apparently not a priority

I guess what we’re saying is…. we’d take someone dropping the F-bomb or flipping the bird any day over destroying the planet and treating people less than human!! But we’re all different and that’s just us.

Starting in 2019 we will launch Swearing is Caring, where a portion of our sales will be donated to various organizations whose mission and work are helping to eliminate the things we find offensive!! So help show how much you care….and swear a little bit.

Susie + Natalie

Owners – Flip ‘em the Bird


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