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When you don't have the words, your gloves will say it for you

When you don't have the words, your gloves will say it for you

Image of 2 birds on a wire, one is up the other is down. All black logo with the flip'em the bird in all caps.


The glove that says all of the words 

Champlin, Minnesota – May 2018


Our awesome sh*t is for sale! People line up around the corner in excited anticipation, ok, it's mainly friends and family, I mean hello a press release? Hopefully, great auntie's bridge club will pick it up in the Golden Year's Gazette. We will see I guess.

If you are someone who is using the hashtag #COLDAF #SLEEPYAF #HUNGRYAF, really anything that ends in AF, WE HAVE THE PRODUCT FOR YOU! Fingerless gloves, with a teeny little bird on the middle finger.

Our company's mission is to create fashion that has something to say. Something funny to be more specific, really LMFAO is the companies mission. We also want to give back, stay tuned as we develop a strategy around swearing is caring. That way people will stop giving you a hard time for being a #pottymouthAF. (did you see what I did there)

Flip 'em the bird has its headquarters in Champlin, Minnesota. Products are sold at, for more information or interview requests, please reach out to, I am not available Tuesdays after 3 pm, it's $5 movie night and taco Tuesday, can we make Tuesdays a national holiday?

Thank you,


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