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When you don't have the words, your gloves will say it for you

Image of 2 birds on a wire, one is up the other is down. All black logo with the flip'em the bird in all caps.


Opportunity is knocking wearing amazing gloves!

Champlin, Minnesota – May 2018


We are now open for business!  Our first product offering is fingerless gloves with 7 variations. These gloves will serve as foundational products within our portfolio. We will be releasing new products on a rolling basis, leading up to a diversified set ready for the Christmas season 2018. 

Our company mission is to create fun, affordable tongue + cheek products that reflect an attitude and style of our radical times.

Our Vision: “Design product lines that become the “go-to” accessory for mixing personality and fashion, for all seasons.”

Our founder Susie Moschkau grew up in the northern suburbs of Minnesota and she knows cold! Between the seemingly never-ending outside cold of the winter months and the frigid air-conditioning temps indoors (when there's finally some hot air outside!), the Flip 'em the Bird original glove idea was hatched.

Flip 'em the bird has its headquarters in Champlin, Minnesota.  Products are exclusively sold at www.flipemthebird.com, for more information or interview requests, please reach out to hello@flipemthebird.com.


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