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Glove Care Instructions

3 stacked gloves showing the official Flip'em the Bird tag on the gloves. Colors from bottom to top: Grey, Pink & Blue

Like most things, the more tender love you give, the longer it lasts. Here are our recommendations for loving your Flip'em gloves  (in order of long-lastingness): 


  1. Use regular detergent and machine wash on warm or cold.
  2. Dry in a machine, lay flat or hang to dry
  1. Select a gentle detergent – likely something organic or homemade.
  2. Mix detergent into cool water, (water preferably from a brook or stream.) 
  3. Dip glove(s) in water and gently rub
  4. Rinse
  5. Lay flat or hang until returned to their natural state (i.e dry)
  6. Drain water. Repeat, DRAIN WATER. Although the detergent may be organic and recycling is extremely important, it is not recommended to drink or re-use the water after washing.


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