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Fingerless Gloves | The Upside Down


JILL (Customer Service)

Alright, so a multitude of people have asked in regards to the fingerless gloves:

Why is one bird upside down, on your fingerless gloves?

I will attempt to explain this in 3 steps with as little attitude as possible.

Here goes:

1. Let me rephrase the question by inserting one word. Why is one bird flipped upside down? Does anyone see it now? Not yet? I’ll continue….

2. Let’s revisit the company name: Flip ‘em the Bird

Okay, one more time: Flip ‘em the Bird. Well, that’s interesting…the company name includes the words flip + bird. Hmmmmm.

3. Now let’s look at the logos:

tag on the gloves:

 full company logo:

Please take note that each version of the logo includes a bird that is right side up and a bird that is upside down. One bird is flipped



That’s it. I can’t talk about this anymore...

Hugs + Kisses




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